How to Measure a Serving Size when Consuming Delta 8

One of the most popular kinds of hemp products found on store shelves is Delta 8. However, many individuals are wary simply due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to serving sizes. Never fear! Primo Vibes is here to help anyone wanting to try Delta 8 products do so with confidence and knowledge.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is one of the handful of THC cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. This group of cannabinoids produces the “high” sensation that has made them so popular. And even though there has been controversy surrounding Delta 8 and its sister cannabinoids, it has not stopped the expansion of this niche in the hemp market.

Delta 8 is known to produce euphoric and calming properties. Contemporary research has explored the possibility of Delta 8’s potential for use in the medical field. For example, in a 2022 paper published by researchers from Harvard, a preliminary study found that the use of Delta 8 could be effective in preventing vomiting during chemotherapy treatments in cancer patients.

According to the Journal of Cannabis Research, “Due to its altered structure, delta-8-THC has a lower affinity for the CB1 receptor and therefore has a lower psychotropic potency than delta-9-THC.”

The lower THC potency compared to its sister cannabinoid, Delta 9, makes Delta 8 a great option for those new to these types of products. And with the variety of options available on the market, consumers can explore the options to determine which one is right for them.

Delta 8 Vapes and Cartridges

When it comes to measuring a serving size for inhalable Delta 8 products, it can appear a bit daunting to those new to the products. However, it is easier than it looks!

In most vape and cartridge products, the recommended starter serving size is one puff. It is recommended for all individuals to start with a smaller serving size when trying a new product. From there, a serving size can be adjusted until the desired effects are achieved.

Delta 8 Edibles

Edibles are a great option for those new to the wonderful world of Delta 8. This type of product takes away the guesswork when it comes to serving sizes. But whether you are new to Delta 8 edibles or experiences, these types of products are always a great option.

Edibles can come in a variety of potencies. For those new to Delta 8 edibles or for those with a lower tolerance threshold, a standard serving size of 10mg is suggested. The beauty of edibles is that many of them are designed to have 10mg per serving.

Similar to vapes and cartridges, serving sizes can be adjusted once an individual knows how Delta 8 impacts them. Starting with a smaller serving size when trying a new product is always recommended to avoid any unwanted side effects. These effects can include dizziness and anxiety.

Where to buy Delta 8 Products

Searching for high quality Delta 8 products that won’t break the bank? Primo Vibes has exactly what you are looking for!

At Primo Vibes, we take pride in offering some of the highest-quality products on the market. Shop from the comfort of your own home with our online store, where all of our products can be found. Have a question about one of our products? Shoppers can reach out and a knowledgeable staff member will be happy to help.

Shopping for and consuming Delta 8 products does not have to feel daunting. With Primo Vibes on your side, shopping with confidence is a breeze. Let us help guide you into the world of hemp and Delta 8 products.

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