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Study observes the use of CBD in Adults and Children with Refractory Epilepsies

CBD has been the focus of a wide variety of research in the past several decades. With the federal legalization of hemp came an influx of biomass on the market, and research material has become more accessible. Studies surrounding CBD have focused on a wide range of topics, including how CBD impacts our bodies and …

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Capsules vs Gummies

Imagine you are standing in the aisle of your favorite store that carries hemp products. On the shelves, in front of you, there are gummies, tinctures, capsules, and so many more that you can hardly count them all. The sheer number of options can seem daunting. However, knowing how to choose the right hemp product …

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Texas A&M Explores Hemp Strains

While the Texas Department of Agriculture has approved over 400 different strains of hemp, farmers face the struggle of finding strains that will do well and not become overstressed in Texas’ climate. This problem has led Texas-based researchers from Texas A&M to search for a solution. Conditions Hemp Grows In According to the Climate CoLab, …

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Primo Vibes Gummy Guide

Shopping for the right kind of gummy can seem daunting with the sheer amount of options available on the market. Different minor cannabinoids, a variety of flavors, and dozens of potency options to choose from can leave many individuals’ heads spinning. However, there are several ways to help narrow down the selection to the ideal …

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